Saturday, November 17, 2007

decisions, decisions

When I first heard of Operation Live free or die, I thought... what a great concept. I would love to participate in this but didn't think it was even a possiblity. We have built this little life for ourselves, Jay had no vacation time and couldn't take a leave. We have a great house, and Olivia's school is 15 feet from our backyard. Things are too perfect, too settled and No way Jay would quit his job. When jay first heard about it he thought about how much he would like to do it but didn't think I would go for it. A week or so went by when Jay finally said, would you want to go to New Hamphire to help Ron Paul win the state.... I said, "absolutely, lets start packing." He was in shock for a while as was I as we were talking over the details. Initially we weren't sure how we could even do it, with nothing in savings, few assets, and a house full of junk we could sale but how good is a garage sale in november?

we had so much support from our meetup group that we decided we would do it. We started preparing for our yard sale right away. we failed to realize that our packrat habits would be such a tedious task to accomplish. When I told my family about my plan, My mom asked if Olivia could stay with her while we were gone. That was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made in my life. I decided to let her stay, one because there she is around family and friends she knows and loves, and she would be able to attend the same school I did with my little brother. In the next few days we worked getting things ready. Sleeping in shifts and separating everything we own into 3 piles. Stuff to sale, stuff to store, and stuff to take to New Hampshire. Our garage sale turned out to be profitable and we got rid of at least 1/3 of what we own. We were planning on leaving tulsa Wednesday. then we had some Uhaul setbacks, dog setbacks, and storage setbacks. Autumn, the meetup organizer of berryville, AR agreed to adopt our dog, which was a godsend. thursday evening we were pretty far from being finished so several guys from our meetup group came to help clean, and load everything. Friday morning I decided If i was going to enroll olivia in school I had to leave that morning. We didn't have a storage yet, and the UHaul was sitting in front of our house with all of our belongings. I had to leave Jay behind to finish everything. I made it to the school with 3 minutes to spare and got her enrolled. Jay arrived in springfield last night and we met up. Thanks to everyone that has helped us we made it only 2 days behind schedule, it probably would have been more like 5.

SO now were in Monett, Mo visiting family and will head to Kansas city tomorrow. We should be heading out Sunday or Monday at the latest. I will keep everyone updated as we go along as much as possible with pics. Oh and today I got Revolution tattooed on my arm :) Ill post pics in the next day or so.

until then