Saturday, November 24, 2007

saturday canvassing

Today was our first official day of canvassing. We went to Exeter, NH and started on a list of addresses from HQ. The canvassing packets make it really easy. the addresses are mapped out in order, and the script is super easy to follow. People are really cool with strangers walking up to their doors too. We had a few people say they didn't have time or weren't interested in getting information but they would still answer a few questions about their voting status. The campaign has an official strategy for us to follow which makes it easy to not get wrapped up in conversations about our own opinions of RP.

The first time someone actually said "I am voting for Ron Paul" I almost didn't know what to say, I was so excited I just wanted to yell "I am one of you!" after explaining How i had just come from Oklahoma to help with this effort he was very interested in what we were doing and said he wasn't a "ron paul junkie" like me but he was definitely voting for him.

we had a really good response. MOST of these people are undecided, not leaning toward one or the other, with only a few ideas about ron paul. Most had heard of ron paul, and heard about NOV 5th. I was so so pleased with our results and the responses.

we got home and did some video blogging and now we are on our way to the bar at the end of the street where a band is playing. we have some of the ozzfest flyers so were going to talk to that crowd about the war, and the war on drugs.