Thursday, November 29, 2007

CNN Youtube debate - and Beach bonfires UPDATED!!!!!!!!!! DEC 1st to add pictures

We headed to portsmouth to watch the CNN-Youtube debate with the Portsmouth meetup group. We got introduced to everyone and as usual, as with all Ron Paul supporters we have met everyone was awesome. As we were ordering dinner the debate started and we got some attention from the other bar patrons when we were applauding Ron taking the stage. Then all throughout the night i kept noticing people from other parts of the bar coming over to watch the debate with us. we had a great time jack bought all of us OLFD people dinner (we had the best pizza ever) and I personally thought the debate went awesome. RP made himself look great, he stood up for himself, he was passionate, and all the other guys made them selves look like complete idiots. so heres a couple of pics of us at the debate watch party

afterwards we stopped at a gas station to drop off materials to a guy that we talked to the night before who was now a hardcore RP supporter, we got him to come canvass with us saturday and gave away 3 yard signs. Then we came back here and a few of us went down to the beach and held the first annual Ron Paul Revolution Beach Bonfire :) heres some of the pics from that

a clam i found

General happenings

We have been super busy the last few days, I haven't had a chance to do much updating so heres the scoop.

tuesday a guy named bill called and said he had seen our video blogs online and had some gifts for us. he stopped by and brought each of us a gift certificate for a local grocery store. This was the best gift we could have gotten, feeding 10 people isn't easy. so heres bill giving us the gifts. I will upload the video in the player on tomorrow.

later in the evening we went to Murphys in Manchester and hung out with Ron Paul supporters and FSP members. Tuesday nights we all meet up and everyone gets together just to relax and talk about what we have been doing for the last few days. heres some pics of that as well.

this is linda, you might know some of her work... ahem the mosaic ad, founders flyers? she is super awesome and the guy next to her is Paul... he has the coolest tea party poster on his van.

Trevor lyman and jesse the manchester meetup organizer

more random pics

Not so free lobsters

Charles brought home two live lobsters last night and just laid them on the floor. They were super cool, I have personally never touched a live lobster, much less one crawling on my living room floor. The kids thought they were pets and when they went into the pot they were like "where did our pets go?" So the lobster was steamed and from what I hear it was very good. I myself have a general rule about not eating anything I have petted within the last hour, so I opted out. But it was a fun experience I thought i would share. Here are some pics and you can find the video at in the video player. (the fish was dead)