Thursday, December 13, 2007

WHEW!!! busier and busier

Ok just a few short words then ill get to the pictures because I know thats all you guys are interested in anyway. We had a HUGE canvassing event last weekend in Rochester and afterwards we met up in Portsmouth for a little gathering, where there were a few reporters, and a great speech! so thanks to scott and charlotte for hosting that! ps the brand new camera batteries i had were bad so no pics on that...

we have had a LOT of new volunteers come in this week, we have rented several more houses, so i wont be able to be everywhere to keep you up with the latest BUT i will do what i can and I will keep you updated with at least ONE of the houses goings on...

i can't think of anything else so ill just caption the pics...

new volunteers, fresh off the plane, ready and EXCITED to work

give em a week ;) (sorry this pic was too funny to resist that caption)

Vijay working on the next BIG project!!

New packages are always exciting especially when you don't know whats inside!

i feel like i should just move into the airport im here so much :)

I wonder if Ron will make it legal to ride on the baggage carousel??

wouldn't it be cool to make this into a ron paul airmobile??? and pick up the OLFD members from all over and fly them here???? how about Operation: FLY FOR FREEDOM!
(go ahead and laugh but have you seen the blimp yet?)

The advantages of business canvassing: we met jeremy (pictured below) working at a gas station, and he now LOVES ron paul! he gets rid of bunches of materials for us, converts people left and right, and is going to the tea party with us too!!!

Meet the Staffrents.... andy and norman two of our hardworking campaign staffers ready to help us out... these guys are awesome we go in with an empty car we come out with slim jims, signs, stickers, tee shirts, YOU NAME IT! and they fed us too!

They could run out of signs at any moment so you better get up there and grab em before they are gone :) GET THESE BABIES ON THE HIGHWAYS!!!

a view of the phone banking room (they need help guys!!)

ok thats all for now, ill post more later!!

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