Thursday, November 22, 2007

Finally on the road

The longer it took to leave Kansas city the more I couldn't wait to get to New Hampshire. We started on the road at 9 pm expecting to arrive sometime around 10 wednesday night. of course on a 1700 mile road trip what you expect and what you get are usually two different things. I woke up somewhere in Indiana to a pop, squeal and swerving and realized a tire had blown up. We pulled over and started emptying out the packed full trunk to get the jack and donut. Lo and behold after the trunk was completely empty we found the jack, but no donut. The fuzzy memory of giving away our donut at the yard sale was swimming around in my brain while several cuss words were floating out of my mouth. So surveying our options at 4 am we had some closed looking businesses, a hotel, a truck stop and a mc donalds. Jay decided to walk up to the area and see what he could find out. He came back about 45 minutes later. He had posted a call for help message on the forums, and all we could do at this point was wait.

Its a strange experience waking up on the highway to a state trooper knocking on your window. Since it was obvious what had happened, what with a shredded tire laying next to the car, he only smiled and said, what can I do to help you guys? So he got on his phone and called a tow truck at the discount tire shop that was literally 200 yards from where our car sat on the highway. Had we known how close it was I would have carried the damn tire there to save that $75 towing charge.

Something good came out of it anyway. I spent the 30 minutes it took to change the tire talking with the shop owner about Ron Paul. First topic of conversation was about the IRS. Not much talking was needed on my part, the guy sounded like he was preaching Ron's words himself. It didn't take long to realize the guy was going to be a hardcore supporter when he gave us our bill for $100 and said "hell, ill just send that right back to him" pointing at the liberty cards we had put on the counter for his customers.

SOOO if anyone in Indiana needs a tire go to the discount tire shop of of I-70 about 30 minutes west of Indianapolis. talk to Jeff, hes a good guy.

After that, It was my turn to drive. I hit deadlock traffic about 5 minutes before columbus, OH that didn't stop until we were at least 30 miles out of the city. After 2 hours in traffic not moving an inch a mile, I was ready to let Jay take over again.

around The middle of pennsylvania the fog got thick and stayed that way all the way to NH. When we passed over the Hudson River we couldnt see 2 feet in front of us and we didn't really see much again til this afternoon. As we were driving in to Hampton the tide was up and the waves were crashing over the bridge onto the road.

All in all it was a good trip, the blowout turned out to bring RP another donator, and we made it one piece.

heres the pics i took from the road

coming into ohio

columbus, OH downtown

New england trees are awesome

deadlock traffic heading up to akron, oh

view from the porch

the house ( ill take a better one later)

so far theres 8 of us here

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